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Solar Electricity Generation Plant (Roof Top)

We do on-grid Solar roof top EPC for residential and industrial purpose. We have both kind of business models for our clients: 1. CAPEX (Client invests money) 2. OPEX (Client pays only for generated electricity units)

Solar Water Heater ETC & FTC

We design our tube type Solar water heaters according to German standards. We do installations of solar water heaters for residential societies, Industries and private use.

Why Solar?

Save nature for our children:

1 KW Solar power saves – 77 KG coal from burning and 136 KG of CO2 emissions

Eco friendly:

No harmful emissions like carbon.

Low maintenance:

Low cost of investment

Long lasting:

25 years warranty on solar panels and 5 years replacement warranty on solar water heaters

Return on investment:

Maximum of 4 years for ROI

Stop global warming:

Stop further damage to mother nature

100 +
Happy Clients
120 +
Successful Projects
2 +
Mega Watt Solar Power Plants
200000 +
Solar water heaters installed

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