Water Heater

Solarich Power Solutions Water Heater (ETC / FPC)

Water Heater

(ETC -Evacuated Tube Collector & FPC – Flat Plate Collector)

Solar Water Heater – Whether it’s an industry, home, hospital, hotel etc, hot water has become a basic necessity. Using electric / gas boilers and fossil fuels (coal) for obtaining hot waters is an expensive set-up with regular high maintenance and you end up paying heavy electricity bills.
Why not use the abundant free sunlight to heat-up the water? Install a solar water heater today and observe the amount drop in your very next electricity billing cycle.


  1. Can handle hard water up to 600 PPM (Parts Per Million)
  2. No clogging / choking
  3. Gives quick results in rainy as well as cloudy atmosphere
  4. Useful for receiving completion certificate
  5. 5 years replacement guaranty for tank
  6. Maintenance free system
  7. Sturdy and robust system made of GI structure (Galvanized Iron)
  8. No electricity / gas required