About Us

Company Overview

Solarich Power Solutions is a company that deals with products satisfying Power requirements by the usage of Solar Energy. We convert solar energy  into essential energy for everyday use, thereby reducing the consumption of conventional energy which in turn reduces further damage to mother earth due to global warming.

Having highly experienced and qualified team of people in designing, fabrication & installation Solarich believes in providing high quality services to it’s customers. With our technical competence and qualified engineers we have secured and executed Solar PV & Water Heater projects in various sectors.


Our vision is to create a greener, safer and healthier
environment for the future generation by efficiently utilizing
renewable energy resources  in everyday life.


  • Earn customer respect through delivering benchmark customer service
  • Achieve high quality and high service standards in the solar industry
  • Promote non conventional energy resources

Social Awareness

We at Solarich conduct seminars and lectures especially for today’s youth to make them aware of current environmental conditions and how non conventional energy resources can help us overcome the energy crises.