Solarich Power Solutions Electricity Generation Plant (Rooftop)

Solar Rooftop System

Based on the geographical location our country enjoys the sunlight to its fullest. On the other hand this abundant sunlight forces us for excessive use of Air-conditioners, Coolers, Fans, Refrigerators and other electronic gadgets which increases electricity usage and we end up paying huge monthly electricity bills.

Why not make use of this sun light and reduce our electricity bills? Switch to a Solar Rooftop System today and start enjoying the benefits by using clean and green energy.


  1. Reduces electricity bill up to 90%
  2. 40% accelerated tax depreciation for Commercial and Industrial sectors
  3. 5% savings on property tax
  4. ROI (Return on Investment) in less than 4 years
  5. Low maintenance cost ( basic cleaning etc.)
  6. Life of system – 25 years
  7. Reduces carbon footprints
  8. Green source of energy